Ian and Ollie Fricker are father and son running the successful The Burger Shop Co. in Arundel.  In the Summer of 2020, they approached me to help with the design of their next branch at Pirie's Place in Horsham.  

Based in a newly redeveloped popular part of Horsham - the unit was newly built and a complete blank canvas.  Working with architect Sean Garrick, I assisited the client with design and drawings for permissions - alcohol license, advertisement consent.  Important things to secure first for the client.

We built upon the best parts of their existing restaurant in Arundel's aesthetic.  The large space was broken down into zoned areas - porchch - reception dining, booths. bar, kithcnes, rest rooms and back of house.

Fixed booth seating  with screens as well as lots of flexible loose chairs and tables which were space planned to work for the whole year round.  The high ceiling was left open and the look fits the industrial concept well.  It also saved on the unnecessary use of materials.  As with all my projects - there were a good number of more sustainable choices made on specifications. 

We added an entrance lobby which matched the shopfront - avoiding drafts and keeping the temperature much more comfortable for diners.  There's a clear view into the  kitchen from the pass.  There's a really nice busy feel to the place.  I'm really happy with the result and it's been a popular addition to the town.

I was fortunate to work with local companies on the execution.  Main contractor was CGS Construction.  Murals by Soulful Creative and Russ Iden.  Signage  (external and some internal) by Recreative Signs. LED neon by Brilliant Neon.

Project steps:  ALL:

  • Briefing and site visit
  • Interior design concept
  • Design development and sourcing
  • Detail drawings and specification
  • Procurement assistance
  • Trade liaison
  • Designer on site
  • Client binder

The following elements were incorporated into the design:

  • Recycled/recyclable aluminium signage
  • Using small businesses including local 
  • Avoiding unnecessary materials - open ceiling and bare blockwork walls
  • Reclaimed timber table tops by local company (made by The Wood Store, Brighton)
  • 40% recycled content flooring (public areas). Indoor Air Comfort GOLD. Very low emissions. Recyclable.
  • FSC certified internal doors made locally (Partridge Green)
  • LED neon signs
  • Reclaimed timber panelling
  • LED lighting
  • Non-animal tested paint
  • Water saving: cisterns and WC taps
  • Tile grout - Regional Mineral ≥ 60%, Recycled Mineral ≥ 30%. CO2 ≤ 250 g/kg. VOC Very Low Emission. Recyclable
  • Upcycled lamp

Product selections.....

Before and After.....

The 'Making Of' The Burger Shop Co. Horsham.....