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Below are some guides...

BIID guide for working with an interior designer

BIID: A Client's Guide to Working With An Interior Designer

I’m really proud to have been a BIID Registered Interior Designer® at the British Institute of Interior Design since 2013.   This is the only professional institute for interior designers in the UK recognised by the British Government.

This guide helps clients to find and appoint an interior designer, what a designer will do, ways fees can be charged and the process.

For more information on the title and also  guidance for clients on  choosing and appointing an interior designer, please see⠀⠀

Working with Chloe introduction

Introduction to working with Chloe

This guide provides more on my background and the benefits of using me as your interior designer.   It also shows you the design process and gives feedback from my clients.

Unlike some designers I very much work to my client's brief rather than have my own house-style aesthetic, so the briefing process is important and I will guide you through it.

ONLINE SERVICES are always available

I've been helping clients with many interior design services remotely for years and most of my services are easy to help virtually.  Guides are provided to help you.  

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