Online design services

Online design services

I've been working remotely on projects that are further away for years, so I can easily help clients during these times of social distancing even if you are on my doorstep!

I use two tools for this:
VIDEO CONFERENCING  You view on a computer/laptop/tablet.   I share my screen with you.   It's surprisingly time efficient, effective and focused. 
CLIENT PORTAL  I use interior design software for all projects.  This is an online site where everything for your project is kept and updated.  Anyone involved in the project can have access.  The drawing pack sits there, costed products, specifications and mood boards.   All parties involved can exchange messages.   It saves time and queries, and works very efficiently.    If you’d like a closer look, watch this.

My suppliers are still open for quotes and samples - which can easily be sent directly to you.

What can I help you remotely with?

Online design can be used for many of the usual areas clients need help with....

  • solving a problem area 
  • space planning and ergonomics
  • sourcing items: furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • finding tradespeople or general contractor
  • finding a bespoke item
  • designing a bespoke item
  • help with a colour scheme
  • help with finishes
  • detail drawing packs
  • 3D visuals
  • collaboration with a client's architect
  • collaboration on branding
  • budget planning
  • project planning
  • submissions to Local Authority for planning consent, change of use (working with a planning consultant or architect)


A consultation is where we start.

Biophilic rest and meeting area

What's the process for using online interior design services?

 You'll see below there are options available for different levels of my input for helping you remotely. 

I recommend we start with a Two Hour Consultation.  This gives me opportunity to get to know you, your brief and your requirements.  We can then work out how much further help will be needed.

Just follow these steps....

Book and purchase the consultation

You'll have access to my diary to book a time suitable to you.


Please complete questionnaire ahead of the meeting so we use the time effectively.

Take measurements

You receive a guide to help you take the necessary measurements of the space, elevations and  any existing items you'd like to retain (height, width, depth).

Take photos

Again, you will receive a guide to help make this easy.

Upload to Client Portal

This is where everything for your project will gather - making it easy to view.

Meet online for the consultation

I often find online meetings more efficient and effective than meeting in person.

Further assistance

If more assistance is needed - just let me know as I can help you on an hourly basis.

  • Mood Board  home office sustainable and cruelty free client
  • Mood Board  bedroom sustainable and cruelty free client 20.17.05
  • Mood board  kitchen living room vegan and sustainable client A4.jpg
  • Mood Board  living room sustainable and cruelty free client


  • It works best on a computer or if not a tablet.   A smart phone is OK but not ideal.   
  • We can also do the consultation as a regular phone call or Facetime call.  
  • If you could set up for the call somewhere  comfortable and quiet so we get the best out of the time. 
  • Using earphones with an integrated microphone (like you'd use for a phone call on the move) will help with sound quality.  
  • Is your internet connection / Wi-Fi service working OK?