Power Hour

Sustainable business support - for business operations + projects

Peer to peer Sustainable Interior Design support 



Are you a designer wanting to work more sustainably?

Would you like to make kinder and better choices for your next interior design project? .... use more sustainable products, materials and finishes?

Do you need help writing your Sustainability Policy or help preparing for B Corp certification?

Or do you manufacture products you would like to produce more sustainably and would like advice?

....  but you just don’t know where to start?

Are you wanting to RETHINK how you your company operates? Do you need help with how?

Do you want to make KIND CHOICES for the specifications you use in your projects - but just need some guidance?

Do you just want to GET MOVING  - but need some help with aspects of how to work?

Are you a keen to start but need to sound out a fellow designer - are you in need of some SUPPORT?

Would you like tips and INSIGHTS on courses and continued learning?

Do you just have a headful of QUESTIONS you want to ask?

Would you like help with how to onboard clients so you can weave SUSTAINABILITY into your  projects?

Are  concerned about greenwashing?

Would you like guidance on SOURCING?

....I can help you!

Power Hour,  £125

1 hour of advice and assistance

The consultation will be ONLINE.   
Bookings are on Fridays only.

  • Our video call is up to ONE HOUR
  • Bring your list of queries in priority order and let's go through them.
  • I'll do my best to help you during the hour. Further POWER HOURS may be needed (on or off line) 


  • Living Future Accreditation LFA seal
  • B Corp Materialise Interiors
  • bk-healthy-materials-logo
  • PETA 1
  • Certified-Carbon-Literate

What do clients say?

Chloe is like a natural energy boost shot - her knowledge and advice has been invaluable to drive the sustainability of our business further.

Using her services has benefited us immensely.

Chloe gave an honest, detailed and informative talk to the Interior Design Insiders membership on sustainable design.

The information Chloe shared was not only enlightening, but really encouraging, giving our interior design members actionable steps to take towards sustainable design.

Thank you so much for your time Chloe.

Previously members felt overwhelmed and daunted – not knowing where to start – but just a day after your talk were reporting back on small changes they had already begun to implement in their design practices.

Chloe Bullock

 I have a degree in furniture & product  design in 1993, and have also studied interior design. I have worked as designer since and have had my own design company since 2005!

Prior to setting up my own company,  for 10 years I was a 3D designer for The Body Shop’s head office working on store and retail concepts globally.  This where my knowledge of LOW IMPACT INTERIOR DESIGN and ETHICAL BUSINESS has come from. 

sustainable and crulety free interior

I have three decades of design experience - from working as a designer for a furniture  manufacturer - to retail design - to interior design. I offer all the standard interior design services as my fellow interior designers - with a BONUS of focus on sustainability, healthy & cruelty free specifications. 

I passionately want to ADD VALUE for my clients by ensuring the spaces I deliver are healthy for the users and low impact on people and nature as well. 

Example image

Many more clients are now finding me because they like my ethos - but for many years I have worked with clients who needed convincing to work with lower impact specifications.  So I have lots of experience to share with you.

In hindsight - many clients have appreciated that there are many stories to tell about specifying more consciously for projects - especially for businesses.  It's been wonderful watching the ripples extend outwards as they value the difference.  


Example image

My learnings on environmental awareness, sustainability using circular economy principles and cruelty-free specifications learnt at The Body Shop, have translated into my own interior design business. 

I went on to be the first interior designer in the UK to be VEGANDESIGN ORG CERTIFIED™ and have contiued my study in human-centred and sustainable design. 

I am so happy to have been awarded PETA's Compassionate Designer 23


Questions you might have...

“What happens next?”

Once you have booked your Power Hour you will get an email confirmation of our appointment.  If I am unable to do the Friday you have requested - I'll  offer alternatives or a refund.   

You’ll also receive an email reminder 24 hours before our appointment.

The Power Hour will be hosted online via Teams Video Conferencing.

“Should I be making notes or you will write them up for me?

You write your notes. But the call can be recorded for you if you let me know.

“What qualifies you to offer this support?”

I’ve worked in design for 30 years and have studied both furniture and interior design.  I have worked in Sustainable Design since the mid 1990s.   

I’ve taken exams in regenerative design, human centric design and cruelty free design.  I love learning and I love to research and have recently completed a courses on healthy specifications.

“Will you provide solutions during the call?”

You can appreciate there are lots of variables here and we could be covering a wide range of queries.  I may not be able to answer everything on the spot. I will do my best but a follow up call or off line research might be needed at additional cost (£125/hr).

Depending on the amount you need to work through - sometimes I finish the call early to use the time to work on things you need help with.

"Will unused time be refunded?"

Unused time will not be refunded.

Bring lots of questions so we can make the most efficent use of the time.

"Can I reschedule the call?"

Yes, happy to reschedule - but being a small business I would very much value at least 48 hours notice.  Of course if you are affected by the virus I will be as helpful as I can to reschedule to another date.  

If you wish to cancel a call within 48 hours of the booking, 50% will be refunded as a gesture of goodwill.

Power hour,  £125