Vegan design

Why animal friendly design?...

I'm an animal lover and vegan.  I know from my time at The Body Shop International's head office that animal cruelty is easily avoided and project can still look beautiful and have a long life.   I want to help my clients to avoid them too!  So I did more study around the subject and now I'm part of a growing and supportive community of vegan interior designers.  There's lots of us and awareness amongst clients increasing!  

My clients are more and more concerned about what they buy, how interior furnishings & finishes are produced and what happens to them at the end of their life.   

I can assist clients with an animal product-free specification for their business or home interior projects.  It’s very easily and effectively done without comprising the specification or budget.  Advancements in technology mean that ‘traditional’ animal-based furnishings we’ve used are no longer necessarily the best, healthiest or most kind.

It means avoiding....

  • leather
  • suede 
  • skins 
  • wool 
  • silk
  • down
  • feathers
  • bone
  • fur
  • shell
  • some paints and adhesives - animal tested and animal product content
  • beeswax, lanolin and other coatings and additives

It's easily done.  There are so many positive new technologies that are developing in fashion and automotive industries that are carrying through into interiors.  I really want to  avoid petrochemicals in the alternative solutions I deliver for clients.

contributor to Vegan Food & Living magazine

I've written about

  • 'Vegan Home & Next Generation materials' with Sadie MillerMaggs/Vegan Material House
  • 'Does your home need a health check?' with Jecks Stone/Persona Abode
  • 'How to living more sustainably' with Katie Proctor/Sustainable Squad
  • 'Happy, vegan home'



I was the first interior designer in the UK to be VEGANDESIGN.ORG CERTIFIED™ (IDCEC accredited).  I give advice to students and fellow designers and I really hope to influence my industry.  I've also wriiten articles, given talks and taken part in panel discussions to promote the concept of more conscious interior specifications - both within my industry and for consumers.

If you are interested in learning more about Vegan Design yourself, I would recommend the online IDCEC accredited course to you.  It's applicable to both the interiors and fashion industries and backed with research from PETA.  Use code CBULLOCK10 for a 10% discount.

Here's some useful RESOURCES for designers and students....

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