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The British Institute of Interior Design is supporting all interior designers to better achieve CONSCIOUSLY sourced and specified spaces with their newly launched Sustainable Specifying Guide.   Available to all and FREE!  

BIID GUIDE - How To Assess Your Practice's Carbon Footprint

BIID GUIDE - How To Reduce and Offset Your Practice's Carbon Emissions

Labels and directories to refer to


Use these labels to guide you to  sustainable, vegan and healthy products & finishes 

Find out how many planets are needed for your own ecological footprint

BIID Modern Slavery advice

Advice from The British Institute of Interior Design on Modern Slavery

Made in a free world surgery modern slavery

Modern Slavery exists in supply chains. Take the survey to find out more about your purchases

How to measure the space


Are you a designer wanting to work more sustainably....  but you just don’t know where to start.  Book a Power Hour

What is design for diversity

It is an initiative and community devised by interior designer Rukmini Patel and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth to encourage diversity in our industry

One Planet Living advice on using fewer planets

One Planet Living guidance for individuals on how to reduce your ecological footprint 

Become Vegan design.org certified

Vegan interior design 101 course

Vegan interior design - 6 week course

Architects Declare Practice Guide

carbon literacy training

Carbon Literacy training

3 part workshop to become Carbon Literate

- run by Jen Gale of Sustainablish and Safia Minney of Fashion Declares, REAL Sustainability and Business Declares

Parsons New School Heathy Materials Lab

A huge amount of resources to help find healthier interiors products from the excellent Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons New School 

cradle to cradle


Curent certified products. 

Use the 'interior design' filter

2050 materials database


2050 Materials centralises all sustainability information into a single platform


The Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List represents the “worst in class” materials, chemicals, and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the greater ecosystem that are prevalent in the building products industry. 

DECLARE database

Declare is the nutrition label for products.

Guide on making your own cleaning products.  Jo found she was getting ill after using cleaning products and was concerned about the toxic effects of the chemicals on our waterways, seas and oceans

Are you a designer too? Would you like a POWER HOUR of my support in working more Sustainably?

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