Total area -  m²
Address - 299 Madeira Drive, Brighton BN2 1EN

Client - Katie Mintram, Yellowave

I  always knew it was a special business, but through being more involved I've realised they are quietly and modestly making pretty huge efforts to be more conscious in their business

whcih tranformation this section of Brighton beach in 2007. 

Yellowave are on the B Corp certification journey, so it was important that my design not only reflected that in ways the visitors would notice, as well as actual ways that would support their Impact Assessment.

My client  had been running her independent off licence Seven Cellars at Brighton's Five Ways and asked for my help with her dream second shop destined for Brighton Station.

The first hurdle was the alcohol license.  The client did a fantastic application to Brighton & Hove Council, resulting in the license being  granted on 1st September, 2021.   The client and I had designed the layout for the alcohol license and had some ideas for the concept in preparation - but from 1st September we were full on designing, specifying, drawing, making and installing to achieve the 21st October opening date.  

The date the sounded so optimistic when our client requested it.... 50 calender days!!   But I was extremely lucky to work with a brilliant team of proactive people - some were ones I've worked with many times - some were new to me.  I am hugely grateful to:  illustrator Alex Borg, signmaker Richard of Recreative Signs, David of DJ Carpentry, Jim/ Can Electric, decorator Paul, Lewis of High Click Rate and Brighton CCTV and if course my lovely client Louise and her brilliant team.

Project steps:

  • Briefing and site visit
  • Interior design concept
  • Design development and sourcing

The following elements were incorporated into the design:

  • Using small businesses including local 
  • Rainwater harvesting experiment to one WC
  • Reuse of existing energy efficient handryers
  • Non-PVC film graphics
  • Reclaimed timber
  • Reused lighting
  • Reused WC pans
  • Site plumbing waste donated and resold
  • Plumbing packaging recycled
  • Non-animal tested paint

Chloe is grounded, down to earth and so easy to work with.

She listened with interest to all our design needs and produced new and practical ideas that meant the spaces were both functional and looked great. Making sure the materials used were climate conscious was key to us. She thought carefully about how to implement low carbon options that weren’t just green washing,  whilst also keeping the cost affordable.

It can feel like a big step and a bit indulgent to get a designer on board, but it was well worth it as we achieved a new look and no doubt saved money in the long term.

All our customers said they loved the new look as much as we did.

Katie Mintram, Yellowave, Brighton

Richard Chivers Photography
  • 18..Seven Cellars Brighton Station display detail
  • 15..Seven Cellars Brighton Station interior
  • 7 .Seven Cellars Brighton Station shop DJ Carpentry
  • 6 .Seven Cellars Brighton Station library ladder DJ Carpentry
  • 1.Seven Cellars Brighton Station exterior
  • 11..Seven Cellars Brighton Station wine wall and ladder
  • 5 .Seven Cellars Brighton Station Alex Borg graphic
  • 12..Seven Cellars Brighton Station fridge wall
  • 10 .Seven Cellars Brighton Station wine wall

Before and After.....

The 'Making Of' Seven Cellars, Brighton Station....

  • AC7A837F-9DC5-4D50-A483-7F68FAFB7541.jpeg
  • 5E814E54-FCFD-40CF-A12C-5008458763E4.jpeg
  • Seven Cellars making of 1.png
  • Seven Cellars making of 2a.JPG
  • Seven Cellars making of 2b.jpg
  • Seven Cellars making of 4
  • Seven Cellars making of 5.JPG
  • Seven Cellars making of 6a.JPG
  • Seven Cellars making of 7.JPG
  • Seven Cellars making of 8.JPG
  • Seven Cellars making of 9.jpg
  • Seven Cellars making of 10.JPG
  • Seven Cellars making of 11.JPG

Before and After.....