Ethics statement


It's important to continuously improve how my business is run - both its footprint, how I work for my clients and ways to influence my industry. 

Here I set out my objectives and targets for recording, monitoring and improving - to lessen impact.

Materialise Interiors is B Corporation certified

I'm I have been really fortunate to experience the workings of an ethical business and I have tried to incorporate those learnings into my own. Materialise Interiors is proudly one of the 1,900 B Corps in the UK , 8,349 globally + 28 in Brighton.     

The company has been B Corporation certified from April 2023 - progress will be published each April in the B Corp Impact Report.

As a B Corp in the interior design industry, Materialise Interiors is counted among businesses that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Read more on B Corp here

The company has a combined Carbon + Nature Impact Reduction Plan.

  1. Ongoing: review of goal progress in line with company objectives
  2. Measuring date: Fiscal year end (end March)
  3. Reporting dates: Impact Report published on Earth Day 22nd April.  Giving Back mid year progress reporting part on the company's birthday (18th November)
B Corp

B Corp Impact Report

My first Impact Report, published Earth 22nd April 2024

B Corp Impact Report 23-24

Company objectives

All decisions made for this vegan business are through the lens of the voiceless: human and non - human animals, marine + land biodiversity, and future generations.

The  objectives below are the main focus of the business's operation and its influence - its Footprint and Handprint.


1. NET ZERO: in line with UN Race To Zero

Halve emissions by 2030, achieve net zero before 2050 or sooner.  Scopes: 1, 2 and 3 (SME Climate Hub target - under 500 employees)


2. FOOTPRINT: Operation of the company

Measurement of all negative impacts of business on people, planet, animals, supported by necessary study.


3. FOOTPRINT: Clients' projects

Awareness of all negative impacts (people, planet, animals), supported by necessary study.



Donations to charities, community interest companies & non-profits.        5% of company's gross sales (minimum)   Volunteering:  40 hours/yr (minimum)


5. HANDPRINT: Influence my industry

Ongoing: articles, interviews, panel discussions, mentoring, book for RIBA Publishing Sustainable Interior Design 


5. HANDPRINT: Influence my industry

Ongoing:  British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) Sustainability Committee,  Interior Design Declares Steering Group 

Carbon reduction + biodiversity net gain plan

Journey + plan - complete with milestones, focuses + goals


My purpose is to open the eyes of the interior design industry to the all the negative impacts it has on animals, people and planet - and to guide it to positive, fair, next generation, regenerative, circular positive alternatives.


My mission is to deliver beautiful, consciously created spaces and products - and to work with my industry to do the same.


My vision is to have the most positive impact on improving my industry - and to be in the right place needed to achieve that.

Progress, 24-25:



Book 'Sustainable Interior Design' for RIBA Publishing out May 24


Panel discussions: Planned - Clerkenwell Design Week, New Designers

Podcasts: A Well Designed Business, planned - Journal of Biophilic Design

Software development

Work with software provider Mydoma Studio to include  CO2e values on products + finishes - WENT LIVE Dec 23  - nudging global users of the software to make more conscious specification choices

Digital carbon

Website carbon reduced from 697.19kg CO2e/yr, to 84.61kg CO2e/yr)    Mar 24


Brighton Energy Coop 'Solar Bond offer' (£300  July 23)   For local community projects Cardinal Newman School, Shoreham Port 4 buildings  + a warehouse at Newhaven Port 

GIVING BACK - 5% donation commitment

Ongoing: Ontrack and exceeded

GIVING BACK - charity projects

New Charity project for DITCH THE LABEL Oct - Dec 23 + began work on for HARRIET'S OF HOVE Community Space Mar 24

GIVING BACK - microfinance loans

Ongoing: Loans to women-owned businesses in Global South - new loans to be solar loans

GIVING BACK - volunteering

Ongoing: Volunteering - running of Interior Design Declares . Responded to + guided members on responses to  the government consultations: FR Consultation + Future Homes Standard

GIVING BACK - volunteering

Ongoing: Volunteering - British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) Sustainability Committee + CPD assessment panel


Biodiversity footprint

How to measure this? Embed alongside carbon measuring

Social impact

More work to do here on understanding impact and measuring

Client project carbon footprints

Not all elements used in projects have a CO2e value. Limited amount of suppliers providing carbon footprint calculations per item, per m2 etc.  calculations for services are unknown. Action: ask Brighton Uni for help

Circular economy suppliers

How to calculate Reused items?       See Carbon Values

Software support

Need software to monitor and calculate carbon footprints.  Action: contacted  Free Agent 7/12/22,  7/2/23.

Business insurances

Currently through BIID professional body provider and where it is invested is unknown. Action:  asked BIID to investigate more responsible insurance - impacting all members  June 23

Client engagement

Clients are not always engaged in reducing carbon footprint in their designs

Find less obvious carbon used by business

Scope 3 - Part 3: Find more responsible providers for insurances, broadband and address anything else missed

Home office limitations

Suggestions: Timer on heating, solar panels and insulation (Small 99 calculator + BHESCO energy survey)

Supply chain transparency

Need more screening of suppliers. More carbon-valued products. More EPDs 


Site waste

More work is needed here - ways to engage project teams.

Customer stewardship

Ensuring impacts are managed on their behalf:  products, services, waste. Ensuring no greenwashing. Create a Data & Privacy Policy. Improve feedback process.

1. Net Zero

MEASURING  Fiscal year 23-24

  • Scope 1: 1.49 kg CO2e (previously 0 )   INCREASE
  • Scope 2: Heat, power and light - 0.2 tonnes CO2e (previously 1.3 tonnes).  REDUCTION. Website 0.71g CO2e  per views (previously 0.78g) REDUCTION
  • Scope 3   9,440 kg CO2e (previously 1,178.27kg)  INCREASE  

OFFSETS: Renewable energy projects: 6 tonnes + 560 trees = 11 tonnes CO2e 

SUB TOTAL 23-24:  carbon emissions  11.13 tonnes CO2e (prevously 2.59 tonnes) INCREASE

TOTAL: Emissions less offsets  =  0.13 tonnes CO2e (previously minus 6.41 tonnes) 

In summary, Net Zero only achieved using offsets - and client projects aren't included.


  • Progress reported annually to the SME Climate Hub 
  • Baseline year 2019 not fully measured yet
  • Measuring impact of clients' projects??   Calculation not yet included.  Still work to do here, although progress with software and in discussions with University of Brighton on carbon value calculations. Materials bought for clients are Category 1 Scope 3, Purchased Goods & Services. If specified only they are “Advised Emissions” and  go into Use of Goods and Services, in Scope 3, but this is an evolving area of accounting.  See CHALLENGES
  • Pension was a personal pension previously, so not included in business expenditure - from 2023 it is a company pension, so is now included in the company's measuring and a reason for this year's increase in carbon value. However it is ethically invested and measures 23 tonnes rather than 64 tonnes with previous opaque pension.  Currently no way of differentiating this on Net Zero reporting - as the Greenhous Gas Protocol doesn't include pensions. FCA Sustainabfility labelling is coming. NB. other avoided impacts of chosen pension are animal agriculture/fur/leather, tobacco, gambling and weapons. Also investment in plant based meat alternatives 
  • This year's increase in carbon value also due to unusual amount of air travel this year - LA book promotion trip
  • Target previously referred in error was the SBT Net Zero 2030 target (500+ employee companies). Officially adjusted, however still aiming for this ambitious target of Net Zero 2030. 
  • Now have a Carbon + Nature Impact Reduction Plan 
  • Concern that treeplanting is not immediate offsetting - switch to mangrove planting and other fasting carbon sequestering methods.
  • OFFSETTING: Next year look at Nature-based carbon avoidance (Gold Standard) + Wildflowers, wetlands and wildlife - habitat restoration  (Ecologi + Soil Association)

Measuring tools used:

  1. Clean Growth UK scope measuring
  2. Website Carbon  
  3. MotherTree pension measuring

3. FOOTPRINT: Clients' projects

FOOTPRINT Scope 3 - Clients' projects IN PROGRESS.  This is the largest part of company's footprint and the hardest to influence and improve.



Running totals shown, from 2005 to date:

Homeless and refugee charities,  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA Business Friend),  WaterAid,  Marine Conservation Society,  Kit Tarka Foundation,  League Agains Cruel Sports, Friends Of The Earth, Surfers Against Sewage, Rowdy Girl Animal Sanctuary, The Green Centre, the RNLI.   See list at foot of page.     

NEXT: Nature-based carbon avoidance (Gold Standard)

Verified carbon avoidance projects: (up to end 23) Solar PV electricity generation in Indonesia: 2 tonnes, Renewable Energy Power Project by DDWL, India: 4 tonnes,

To end 22: Wind Energy in Andhra Pradesh, India: 9.10 tonnes, Solar power generation in Tamil Nadu and Telangana, India: 7.20 tonnes, Preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil: 3.70 tonnes, 

23-24: trees and mangroves planted = 560 | 22-23: trees and mangroves planted = 515

NEXT: Wildflowers, wetlands and wildlife - habitat restoration (Ecologi + Soil Association)

Verified schemes used :   

*MANGROVE PLANTING  protects coastlines and river banks, restoring biodiversity in ecosystems - and stores 5 to 10 times more carbon than land ecosystems.  Total: 1,146


Non-verified planting (by me):

One oak planted at Broughton Hall - thanks to Jarvis Smith of My Green Pod! 

Trees (5) planted at Spanglewood, Sussex - thanks to Emma Payne + Paul Spendley 


BE MY DEDICATED CHARITY: Two days (14 hours) a month are on offer to one charity. So if you are a charity in need of design help, please contact me. 

Terms: Maximum of 6 days spread over 3 months per charity is offered as a donation from Materialise Interiors.  Time is logged on a weekly timesheet and covers all input. Any additional help needed during that time is charged at the regular hourly rate.

To date: School Bus Project, Mile Oak School Science Bus project, Cycling UK, Changing Streams CIC, volunteering on the Professional Practice Commitee of professional body the British Institute of Interior Design , Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival

Support with me!

  1. Ask your election candidates to back the cross party Climate and Nature Bill 
  2. Support Earth Day 22nd April - join the campaign for free, send a donation to keep the campaign going and the research happening, or sign up to a Great Global Clean Up near you @earthdaynetwork. 
  3. Earth Overshoot Day: talk about, promote and donate to 
  4. Share Action campaigning against the financing of fossil fuels

5. HANDPRINT: Influence my industry



I feel strongly that our industry needs to open up, be more transparent and share knowledge.  We are a highly poluting, resource using, carbon emitting industry.  I am a Co-Founder and active Steering Group member of INTERIOR DESIGN DECLARES. Set up in March '21. Our  initiative encourages change in our industry with the two main objectives being Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss.  Part of BUILT ENVIRONMENT DECLARES  (previously known as Construction Declares). 

Our aims: COLABORATE      -     INSPIRE      -     EDUCATE      -      CAMPAIGN

My company and eight others joined together to get the interior design's declaration set and publised. Read our pledges HERE

IN THE UK   Fellow UK designers and suppliers of goods and services to the interior design industry, please join us at:

DECLARATIONS IN OTHER COUNTRIES     We are also helping other countries to join our Declaration. To date we have been joined by Finland, who will hopefully be closely followed by Egypt, Australia and the United States.

If fellow designers would like to set up a Declaration for their country, please join us at:


  • 3rd Birthday Social - gathered 60 signatories at The Building Centre, London for talks and networking, March 2024
  • Futurebuild stand and panel discussion, March 2024
  • Decorex panel series - 2023, and set for 2024 
  • Panel discussion participation for industry events (regular)
  • Sharing learning through our quarterly newsletter
  • Developed a SUPPLIER QUESTIONNAIRE for designers to use
  • Partnered the UK scientist fire retardant chemicals campaign and UK government FR chemical consultation
  • Partnership with Decorex to make the event more sustainably focused and run, along with a series of Decorex X IDD panel discussions



As well as collaborating with my industry through Interior Design Declares, I am involved with the professional body the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

We are slowly waking up to our responsibilities to people, planet and animals. We need to share knowledge and improve our learnings to carry out out work with a far lower impact.

The British Institute of Interior Design is a  non-profit organisation is owned and governed by its members and maintains high standards for our profession, acknowledging and educating on our impacts and making it inclusive for those missing from the industry who should be enjoying this complex yet exciting career path.

  • Updates to the BIID Strategic Plan
  • Part of the Sustainability Committee to encourage Sustainability throughout the organisation and our members.
  • Co-writer of the Sustainable Specification Guide, launched September 2021, being updated 2024
  • Devising the Sustainability Strategy for the overarching Strategic Plan for the organisation
  • Judge for BIID Student Challenge 2021
  • Mentoring 
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Panel member
  • Sustainability Showcase 2022 - delivered talk on Next Generation Materials with Masters student mentee Sadie Millermaggs
  • Talking part in panel discussions, writing articles on behalf of the BIID - ongoing




Business Declares is a not-for-profit organisation formed by senior leaders with a range of experience from the SME, B Corp and FTSE100 sectors. We are official members of the UN Race to Zero team for COP26. We believe that business has a major part to play in tackling the climate, ecological and social emergency. Better Business Act signatory

With Interior Design Declares steering group colleagues at the Business Declares picket for The Big One Apr 23


Group of designers, design studios, agencies and institutions declare a climate and ecological emergency.

With 8 acts of emergency- read more HERE


My industry is not at all diverse and I support the initiatives that are in place to encourage BAME designers and suppliers.  Through United In Design and the British Institute of Interior Design, I offer mentoring help to new designers and students.

Design For Diversity
United in design

GIVING BACK Charities + initiatives supported




Children On The Edge
Gower Bird Hospital
Isle if wight donkey sanctuary

Peer to peer support

If fellow designers would like my help in operating their business more responsibly - get in touch as I offer a peer to peer support services