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The Sustainable Specification Guide which I co-wrote with my fellow committee members from the British Institute of Interior Design was launched at the brilliant Planted design show at Kings Cross, London.

I was so fortunate to have an excellent grounding in sustainable design during my time at The Body Shop HQ for 10 years from the mid nineties. I have loved helping my clients with more conscious specifications for the interiors I have designed for them. In recent years though - I have realised it's my fellow designers who I really want to influence in order to have a real impact for making much needed change in our industry.

A year and a half ago, past BIID President @HarrietForde invited me to join the Professional Practice Committee for the professional body.

In that short time - the committee (designers Liz Bell, Anna Whitehead, Simone Suss, Angela Bardino, Brian Woulfe) and the excellent BIID team lead by Katherine Elworthy, have delivered....

-  updated Code Of Conduct for members - incorporating sustainability and modern slavery

-  the Sustainability Strategy for the BIID up to 2024

- Guidance on assessing our practice’s carbon footprint

-  Guidance on reducing and offsetting our practice’s carbon emissions

Sustainable Specification Guide - a live document which will be updated yearly

-  a growing Continuing Professional Development programme to support the new guide


Sustainability is an inherent part of this excellent professional body - as it should be.

I’m extremely grateful to BIID past president Lori Pinkerton Rolet for her support during my almost 16 years in business - but mostly for encouraging me to be an active member of this organisation. 

I think #AnitaRoddick would be delighted to see her influence spreading to other businesses like this. 

More of this please!


Download the guide here Sustainable Specification Guide