Interior Design Declares X Decorex panel discussion 'Creating a more sustainable interior design practice' - My FIVE TAKEAWAYS

Five takeaways from Interior Design Declares X Decorex panel discussion...

  1. We are all at different stages and we can learn together, share information and have a bigger impact together. If you are a designer or supplier to the interior design industry, please sign our pledge at
  2. We each have very different routes in to working sustainably - there are many crossovers and not all are the same
  3. Look at some of the quick wins in how you operate your business.  Switch to more ethical bank and pension.  Use renewable energy. Rethink stationery.  Digital waste is huge - look at clearing old emails, look at website efficiency.
  4. Site waste - in the UK 50,000 tonnes of plastic waste on building sites a year.
  5. Don't get overwhelmed but just start working in a better way!  Clients will appreciate it and they often really like the storytelling of sustainable materials.


Thank you to our excellent moderator Rosalind Sack of The Home Page.

You can watch the panel discussion here