It's nearly here.... 'Sustainable Interior Design' RIBA Books

I never thought I would write a book. I've always wanted to support my industry and share all I'd been fortunate to learn on sustainability and ethical business. While we are all (thankfully) increasing our awareness on our industry's impact on the planet - I've increased my voice and spoken out for the lesser realised parts of my industry - our treatment animals and people, the parts of sustainability that get overlooked.

Becoming louder, I was heard and then subsequently asked by RIBA Publishing to write for them. I know my industry needs to SEE sustainability demonstrated. I didn't want it to be a manual - I wanted it to be a beautiful book of INSPIRATION and I have drawn on my three decades in the design industry which was built on the foundation provided by Anita Roddick's The Body Shop.

Surviving as a small business since 2005 has been a challenge. At times that has taken my focus away from influencing and helping my industry. But I'm so happy to tell you this book is coming after two years in the making.

It will help all in my industry - wherever they may be on the journey to sustainability which we all need to face. I can see it is very hard to do it all, so the book is structured around APPROACHES which can be used by designers, students, design teams, charrettes, stakeholders and clients to define a project goal or intention.

It's packed full of international and exciting thought provoking projects and products. I dearly hope it will be useful tool for all to use.

The press release and pre-ordering details are here below. Dates are 5th April RIBA bookshop + 1st May everywhere. 

Please help me to get the word out everyone!