Each year a date is calculated per country and combined to give us a combined Earth Overshoot Day.  This year is was 29th July.  It means it's the point where our use resources and services exceeds what the Earth can provide - so the tipping point where we start to use the resources in defict.   The impact of the pandemic had a smaller impact than hoped.  

The concerning news is that the UK's Overshoot Day is even earlier in the year at 19th May.

This graphic from http://www.overshootday.org/ shows the calculations over my lifetime for Earth Overshoot Day.

In 1970 we very nearly got to the end of the year, falling short by one day. What are we doing?!  We really need to #movethedate


What can you do?

Much is not under our control - but more than you think is.
Find out your personal footprint using this calculator.  It's very quick to do - all you have to answer are 15 questions.

We are not looking for perfect.
Small changes make a difference.


Once we have this information, we can see where the most impact is - and then make changes.

The only way to improve our date is to be informed, measure our footprint and do something - however small it might feel.