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  1. Materialise Interiors is now a Certified B Corporation!

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    B Corp Materialise Interiors
    When I first heard about B Corp I was instantly interested after working for an ethical business for so long. Much of it echoed with what The Body Shop International did - monitored by themselves. I could see from inside the business that it wasn't always the most convenient set of requirements - but it kept the business true to its purpose and I respected and admired The Body Shop greatly for being authentic and true to their values and purpose in business.
    My own business I set up straight from leaving The Body Shop was based on what I'd learnt there in the previous 10 years. Respect for those who I do business with, banking, what impact my own business has through the work I do, and minimising the impact on people, planet and animals.
    The Body Shop have gone on to be the largest BCorp as part of their owning company Natura .... and guess what....
    After nearly 9 months I'm so glad to tell you I have completed the process with a score of 98 (far higher than the 80 points required). I have just signed the B Corporation certification declaration. This micro interior design business consisting of me working part time at best thanks to volunteering duties and book writing for @RIBA is now a B Corp too! It means a lot to me to achieve this as such a tiny business.
    I know that badges are not necessary and we can do it all anyway (because I've been doing that for nearly 18 years) but It's a much needed boost after quite bumpy times in business which I have been fortunate to survive. I want to be part of something positive and connect to those other businesses through this movement, to improve faster and together and to influence those around us.  

    I've done it to show if I can do it - it's possible for any size of business.
    So if you are reading this, please start the process .....

    1.  At least back the Better Business Act and push for the Companies Act to include people, planet as well as profit (free!)

    2.  Set UNSDG goals using the SDG tool (free!)

    3.  Start the B Corp process using the B Lab Impact Assessment tool (free!)

    Just requires effort!



    Chloe Bullock | Materialise Interiors — Animal, human and planet friendly interior design | Brighton's award winning BIID Registered Interior Designer® | VEGANDESIGNORG CERTIFIED™ | FitWel ®
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  2. Interior Design Declares X Decorex panel discussion 'Creating a more sustainable interior design practice' - My FIVE TAKEAWAYS

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    IDD X Decorex

    Five takeaways from Interior Design Declares X Decorex panel discussion...

    1. We are all at different stages and we can learn together, share information and have a bigger impact together. If you are a designer or supplier to the interior design industry, please sign our pledge at  
    2. We each have very different routes in to working sustainably - there are many crossovers and not all are the same
    3. Look at some of the quick wins in how you operate your business.  Switch to more ethical bank and pension.  Use renewable energy. Rethink stationery.  Digital waste is huge - look at clearing old emails, look at website efficiency.
    4. Site waste - in the UK 50,000 tonnes of plastic waste on building sites a year.
    5. Don't get overwhelmed but just start working in a better way!  Clients will appreciate it and they often really like the storytelling of sustainable materials.


    Thank you to our excellent moderator Rosalind Sack of The Home Page.

    You can watch the panel discussion here.

  3. Dutch Design Week 2022

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    5 takeaways from DDW 22

    I've just been to the super inspiring Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.  I last went in 2014 and it's just as brilliant.  The mission of this yearly gathering of minds is to shape a better future, with urgency. There is so much clever innovation was on display.   It's such an innovative and unique show, spanning all disciplines. Whilst feeling futuristic, this  problem solving is very needed now!  If you get chance to go I really recommend it.  It's huge and you could easily visit things for each of the 9 days - or like me, pack what you can into two or three!  Read more here.  


    Five takeaways from Dutch Design Week...

    1. Some frustration! Why don't more design shows have a mission like this?  Also much of this innovation was from small studios and individual designers.  Come on industry!!
    2. Lots of bio-based products - especially to replace plastic including VerenaBrom's sheet material using industrial juice press residues,  Caleyda a plastic substitute made from bacteria and Chemarts bio bubble wrap made from cellulose
    3. Lots of clever demolition waste products @stonecycling
    4. Sea silt sludge clay, requiring lower firing temperature and a provides a range of colours by
    5. An air pollution busting car roof attachment by Reverso and the Lightyear 0 -the world’s first production-ready solar car.  There's a solar powered camper van too.   



    DDW 22

    DDW 22 1

    DDW 22 2



    If you'd like help with an interior design specification that is compassionate and low impact - then book a free Discovery Call here