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VDO Trademark w Certified reversed

It’s been Veganuary and veganism is the hot topic.  It’s so good we are really thinking about what we consume or buy.  You don’t have to be vegan to make your home or business cruelty free. There’s such easy choices you can make that don’t involve animal suffering.

I’m the first interior designer in the UK to be VEGANDESIGN.ORG CERTIFIED™

I thought I had a good understanding of what went on as we had to scrutinise every material used in the store design when I was a designer for The Body Shop International.  Sadly there was lots I didn’t know.  I was horrified to learn about live plucking, the cruelty of the wool industry and the horror of the leather industry for the tannery workers as well as the animals (notice I’m not saying cows) that are skinned.

I’ve been an interior designer for over 20 years and am constantly researching and sourcing better choices for my clients. They are usually better performing too.  I’m been subconsciously delivering vegan interiors for years but I’m really wanting to seek out more for clients and include as many ethically sourced and eco-friendly elements as I can.  It’s a passion.  I really love to research and learn.