What decisions are needed to stay one step ahead?

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In my blog last week I talked about a project that started as fun for a client but quickly became overwhelming and no longer fun.

I don’t want clients to be hard on themselves.  There are a HUGE amount of decisions to make. Even if looking at a room or two.  Being organised and one step ahead will save costly mistakes and will alleviate stress.  It IS possible to enjoy the process!  But an early understanding of the types of decisions needed will prepare you.


Perhaps if I list the decisions it will help!

(deep breath...!)

  1. Look at the space - could flow be improved, are door positions good? are views out of windows optimised,  how are the views within the building?  use of skylights, best positioning of the space for maximum daylight? 

  2. The space in conjunction with the furniture.  Choosing the furniture and getting it on a furniture layout - get it on paper with the exact furniture you are using.

  3. Audio visual - much of this is furniture layout dependent - at the very least - is a TV involved?  Where will it go?

  4. Lighting and sockets need to correspond to that furniture layout

  5. Lighting decisions - functional as well as aesthetics and correct lamp selection

  6. Heating and cooling….  At the least - what type of heating - what does it look like - where do radiators fit in with the furniture layout?  (are you getting that the furniture layout is so important?!) 

  7. Home automation - if you are having it, this is the time to get this factored in while walls and floors are open.  Made your home super energy efficiency with lighting sensors, temperature control, window shading as well as security

  8. Flooring decisions - choosing a specification that is right for the space AND the right aesthetic.

  9. Timber selection floors, furniture

  10. Woodwork - door types and designs, skirting, door frames

  11. Metal finishes: sockets, switches, handles, door furniture, taps  - plus what shapes are they all?

  12. Sanitaryware - WC, basin, bath, shower, enclosure, 

  13. Brassware - taps, shower fittings 

  14. Wall and ceiling finishes 

  15. Tile 

  16. Appliances, equipment 

  17. Fabric selection for soft seating, window coverage

  18. Window coverage type and operation

  19. Artwork 

  20. Decorative items 


Even an interior designer will not have the answers for all of the items on the list.  But we know specialists to use and we can guide you through the process.  

I realise not everyone has the budget for this.  Plus there are parts of this process that clients really enjoy doing themselves.  I don’t want to take the fun bits away from clients!

Can you see parts of the process you’d like to do yourself and other parts you really don’t want to do?

That’s where I can help.  I can help you on the parts you need help with.  


A TWO HOUR CONSULTATION can happen in-person (in Brighton & Hove area) or online.   

In addition to two hour consultations - time can be pre-purchased in 10 hour or 20 hour blocks.