Discussing our specialisms - Interior designers Angela Cheung & Chloe Bullock discuss interior design

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I’m nearly at 15 whole years of running my micro business and it’s only really in recent years that I’ve started to get to know other designers both in the area and further away.  I’m not sure why it took so long as I’m finding them to be such a supportive and interesting group of people!  


I’ve met lots of local designers through Design Brighton (old and new versions), through networking such as Property Smarts, also further away via the British Institute of Interior Design, through the vegan design community.  Even the interio designer community on social media has been a support to each other. There’s a lovely group on Instagram especially.  We are by now means the same.  We all have different specialisms and ideal clients.  It’s really interesting how many variations there are and we have lots to learn from each other.


One is Angela Cheung.  I’ve known about her since I started.  At that time there really weren’t nearly so many designers in the Sussex area.  She was working mainly in residential and I was working mainly in commercial.  So our paths didn’t cross.


Earlier in the year I heard she was now specialising in Biophilic Design - which is our need for a connection to nature.  It’s an area I am very interested in as well as it’s all about occupant health.   I’ve written about it a fair bit.  I am nowhere near as knowledgeable as Angela is about it.  Healthy building design really is the way forward for the built environment - more than ever in this time of pandemic.  Like me Angela has continued studying throughout her career and you’ll hear about her exciting new learning adventure during our conservation.  We both love to learn.


Angela contacted me suggesting we recorded a conversation about interior design.  I hope you enjoy the chat!


Watch to find out more about Biophilic Design, Human Centric Design as a whole, Sustainability and Vegan Design and we both share tips to help anyone watching who might be interested in improving their spaces.

You can follow Angela at @angelacheunguk