Design for Diversity and my own pledge

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What Design For Diversity?

It is an initiative and community devised by interior designer Rukmini Patel and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth.  Listen to Kate’s podcast with Sophie Robinson for shocking and saddening insights into racism in the interior design industry - including one from my friend Jecks Stone, founder of Persona Abode


Kate says: “We do not claim it as a solution. But we offer it as the start of a conversation.  A sign that the door is open…… It’s our sincere hope that the presence of this sticker on a design website or social channel will give those who see it the confidence to take a step forward, while offering reassurance that their interest will be received with positivity and fairness.”


What is the Pledge?

It is a three-point Pledge covering  Visibility,  Opportunity and Accessibility to help the design industry to become diverse. It is a first step to working towards a diverse design industry and giving brands, businesses and bloggers a guideline on areas they can work on to encourage.


To pledge support designers and suppliers should post the badge so all can see it and make a relevant pledge. 


I have signed up to the Design for Diversity pledge.  

You don’t have to be an employer to be involved.  

Things even a micro-business like mine can do….

  • I’m always seeking out products to use (especially sustainable!) and I would especially like to support BAME businesses who produce them.  

  • I would be really happy to mentor a student or designer from a BAME background too.  If you are interested in what I do and think mentoring from me would help you, please contact me by the end of November if you are interested. 


Many designers and suppliers are now part of this initiative.  View here.

Designers and suppliers can sign up here.


Please help to support and encourage this important initiative to encourage a diverse design industry.